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Understanding Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation Costs: A Guide for Home Owners

Residential Solar Removal & Reinstall

Solar panels are hailed as a long-term, cost-efficient solution, typically designed to function seamlessly for over 30 years. However, there are maintenance costs and key things to consider when owning solar panels, and one significant potential expense involves the removal and reinstallation of these panels.

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Solar Removal & Reinstall

1. Why Might You Need to Remove and Reinstall Solar Panels?

Even with warranties extending up to 30 years and a lifespan surpassing this period, scenarios may arise where panel removal becomes necessary. This often happens when roof repairs or replacements are required. Ensuring a secure, leak-free roof is crucial, which may demand the temporary removal of solar panels. Coordinating with roofers becomes imperative for such instances.

2. Coordinating with Roofers and the Removal Process

Our process involves coordinating with roofer professionals of your choosing so the work can be done in synergy. From our side, our team will ensure the safe de-energization of your system. They proceed to carefully remove the panels, racking/mounting hardware, and associated wiring. This meticulous process aims not only to make the property safe but also to facilitate a smooth reinstallation. As a precaution, any penetrations left behind on the roof are filled with roofer’s cement to prevent moisture intrusion before the roof repair begins.

3. Post-Roof Repair: Reinstallation and Timelines

Once the roof repair is completed, our team promptly reinstalls the racking, wiring, and solar panels, ensuring your system is reenergized safely and efficiently. The duration of this process is critical, impacting energy production and savings. Residential systems typically require one day for removal and 2-3 days for reinstallation. 

4. Reuse of Equipment and Professional Guidance

In most cases, existing equipment can be reused, predominantly the main components—panels and racking. Hiring trained professionals is crucial as they possess the expertise to manage the removal and reinstallation. DIY attempts pose risks such as safety hazards and equipment damage, potentially voiding warranties.

5. Cost Estimates for Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

As per our completed projects’ average cost, removal and reinstallation roughly amount to $300 per panel for a roof-mounted system. This cost is subject to variables such as travel time, roof complexity, and type. Maintaining an efficient process is essential to minimize downtime and maximize savings.

Matthew Messer - CEO American Solar Repair


Matthew Messer, CEO American Solar Repair


If you are experiencing roof leaks and are in need of an emergency solar panel removal for a roof repair, give us a call today.